Five Wonderful Winter Teas The Green Teahouse

Five Wonderful Winter Teas

Winter has finally appeared. It gets dark earlier this time of year but as long as you have a big cup of tea, your spirits are sure to be merry and bright.

Here are five blends that will warm your hands and heart as the cold weather arrives:

1. Cranberry Fig

This fruity, festive tisane is a special blend of tart cranberries, juicy apples, spicy cinnamon, and sweet fig. Although this is the newest blend, Cranberry Fig has already become a go-to for many of our regulars. Also this tea has no caffeine and is filled with antioxidants. More

Cranberry Fig Fruit

Cranberry Fig

2. Maple Nut Sencha

Another recent addition to The Green Teahouse, this tea has many levels of flavor, from the nutty richness of the walnuts to the sweetness of the maple. It’s a lovely tribute to New England and the changing of the seasons. The best way to have this tea is hot, with a little milk inside. More

Maple Nut Sencha Green Tea

Maple Nut Sencha

3. Carmel Cider Chai

 A blend of Chinese Black Tea and South African Rooibos, Carmel Cider Chai is, quite simply, decadent. While the Masala Chai spices create a very traditional chai taste, bits of caramel and apple create a warm, almost cider-like, background taste. Because of the rooibos, this tea can be steeped indefinitely without turning bitter. More

Caramel Cider Chai Black Tea

Caramel Cider Chai

4. Emperor’s Pu-erh

 This dark Pu-erh tea is not only a pleasure to drink, but also looks quite lovely while steeping. Made with traditional Chinese Pu-erh, plum, licorice, cinnamon, and chrysanthemum blossoms, Emperor’s Pu-erh is sweet and complex. This tea is great for new and seasoned tea drinkers alike. More

Emperor's Pu-erh Tea

Emperor’s Pu-erh

5. Mint Chocolate Marshmallow

This white tea has a surprisingly similar taste to hot chocolate. Made with Silver Needle and Organic Peppermint, Mint Chocolate Marshmallow is the perfect treat for snowy days. Although it tastes wonderful on its own, this tea is fantastic as a latte. More

Mint Chocolate Marshmallow White Tea

Mint Chocolate Marshmallow


One thought on “Five Wonderful Winter Teas

  1. Michael says:

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