Nine surprising uses for tea

Although loose tea is amazing as a drink, the leaves themselves carry many useful properties. From a cleaning agent to a soup ingredient, tea leaves are more versatile than you might think.

Clean your windows with black tea

window washing

Brew a strong black tea, about 3 tsp of black tea to every 8 oz of boiling water. Allow the tea to cool and transfer to a spray cleaning bottle. Easy and completely natural, free of any harsh chemicals!

Whole green tea leaves inside a Smoothie

You may find the idea of consuming the entire tea leaf instead of steeping a bit odd but, in fact, you can get even more antioxidants and energy from the entire leaf. Simply measure about 1/4 of a teaspoon of premium loose green tea, such as Gyokuro or Matcha, and blend with your smoothie blend of choice. It’s quite delightful!

Tea in cookies

photo (8)

Chai Pumpkin Cookies Recipe Here

Did you know you can add the leaves directly into your cooking? The Chai Pumpkin Cookies shown above taste just as spicy as a hot cup of Chai tea. Lovely!

Oolong in Rice

Simply steep Oolong tea in boiling water, remove leaves, then add rice and cook according to package directions. It makes for a very fragrant and light taste. Add some sesame seeds and soy sauce if desired.

Make your own potpourri

According to this blogger you can make potpourri with those especially delicious smelling tea leaves. If you don’t want to waste your tea leaves after you’ve steeped your tea, simply add the wet leaves to a big pot with orange peel, vanilla sticks, or any wonderful smelling spice and simmer in hot water. Or you can simply use the dry, unused leaves as your own version of potpourri!

An easy facial with green tea

Woman Receiving Spa Treatment

According to Wikihow you can make a face mask using green tea and rice flour. All you have to do is steep a pot of green tea and allow it to cool for about an hour. Add about 3-4 tablespoons of rice flour. After washing your face, simply apply mask for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Green tea soup

It may sound strange to add Green Tea to soup, however this popular health food company suggests using it in a healthy soup with Salmon. Although this particular recipe calls for tea in bags, you can substitute each bag for about a teaspoon of Green Tea.

Use tea to refresh your shoes

shoesAdd some dry loose leaves to a sock or nylon and leave it in your shoes for a few days. The tea leaves will kill the odor and leave a nice tea smell.

Clean your microwave with green tea

After steeping green tea, wait until it has cold off enough to handle. Dip a rag or cloth in the green tea and wipe down the inside and outside of your microwave. The green tea not only cleans but removes odors as well.

Have you ever tried any of these before? Do you know of any other great uses for tea? Leave a comment below!



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