Extraordinary Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is gaining more attention in the medical world over the past few years. Because green tea leaves aren’t as processed as some of its cousins, black, oolong, and pu-erh, it retains a higher amount of the antioxidants. Due to this high level of antioxidants and no calories, green tea quite possibly contains unlimited health benefits. Green Tea helps:

Your Memory

brain picture

As amazing as it sounds, green tea may actually help you think better. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that individuals who regularly drank green tea experienced a higher amount of activity in the DLPFC, a part of the brain that organizes your memories.

Stay full longer

Hungry Boy at the Table

Are you trying to resist those random snacking urges? Try a cup of unsweetened green tea. It contains compounds that are believed to increase the Leptin in your body, a hormone that regulates appetite and satisfaction.

Protect your heart


Thanks to a large amount of polyphenols, green tea is a heart-healthy beverage. A study conducted by Dr. Shinichi Kuriyama in Japan over the course of about 11 years, found that adults who drank as many as three cups of green tea a day were at a lower risk of heart disease than those who drank less than one cup a day.

Prevent Cancer

Doctor using computer

It may sound unbelievable, but green tea has been shown to reduce the number of cancer cells by stunting the reproduction of bad cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. The American Cancer Association (ACA) acknowledges that while there are many studies still in the works, it does appear that green tea has an effect on cancer, not only as a preventative measure but also for those who are suffering from certain forms of cancer:

“Many laboratory studies have shown green tea acts against cancer cells in cell cultures. Test tube studies have suggested that compounds in the tea may help stop new blood vessels from forming, thereby cutting off the supply of blood to cancer cells.” (ACA)

It’s safe to say that these are just a few of the many health benefits of drinking green tea. And unlike other drinks, green tea has no calories and will keep you as hydrated as water. With these incredible benefits, green tea is a natural way to a better you.

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