3 surprising facts about tea

3 surprising facts about tea

Tea, the second most popular beverage in the world, has a rich history and amazing benefits. Here are 3 surprising facts about tea:

1. No one knows exactly where or how tea came about

Although the exact history of tea is unknown, we do know that it has been drunk for centuries. Mainly used for medicinal purposes across China in the later part of the first millennium, tea gained popularity throughout Europe with the influx of trade across the continent says Joseph M. Bransten, author of “Tea, its history and mystery.”

2. The health benefits of tea have been studied for centuries

One pamphlet called “An exact description of the leaf Tea, made according to the directions
of the most knowing merchants and travelers in those Eastern countries, by Thomas Garway,”Β  thought to be from the 1660’s claims:

“Making the body active and lusty, helping the headache,
giddiness and heaviness, removing the difficulty of breathing,
clearing the sight, banishing lassitude, strengthening the stomach,
causing good appetite and digestion, vanishing heavy dreams,
easing the frame, strengthening the memory, and finally prevent-
ing consumption, particularly when drank with milk.”

3. Tea is one leaf, processed different ways

The amount of variety with tea today is staggering. Regardless of the name, all true tea comes from one plant… Camellia sinensis. For example, White tea comes from the young buds of the tea plant, Green tea comes from the fresh, less processed tea leaves, and Black tea comes from aged leaves. Herbs, Fruit, and Rooibos (Red Bush Tea) are often categorized as Herbal or Fruit tea but are technically a Tisane.tea leaf from chinaCheck out our wide selection of teas from around the world

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