Delightful Spring Teas for a Healthier You!

Spring is almost here! The buds on the trees are daring to peak out, the weather has turned (somewhat), and Summer is within sight. In celebration of the changing seasons, why not add these refreshing tea blends to your collection?

1. Pink Cherry Cider

Our most popular tea blend, this White tea is both tart and sweet. High in antioxidants, this tea is known to improve complexion, immune system, and defend against cancer. Wonderful hot or iced!

2. Jasmine Blooming Tea

What better way to celebrating the blossoms than with your very own little “flower.” Handmade blooming Jasmine Tea is a delightful way to enjoy your tea. Simply place a tea ball at the bottom of your favorite tea cup or mug and watch as it “blooms” when hot water is poured in.


3. Sweet Awareness

Are you looking for a natural, caffeine-free option to refresh your mind and body? Sweet Awareness is a zesty yet soothing combination of organic peppermint, cardamom, and basil. If you’re looking for an herbal blend with an interesting variety of flavors, this is it!


4. Coconut Spring

With “Spring” in the name, this Green Tea was created for this time of year! Coconut adds a light tropical feel, while the Chinese and Japanese Green tea leaves give substance to the overall flavor. Green tea has possibly limitless health benefits including cancer prevention, healthier teeth and gums, a stronger immune system, and giving your metabolism a boost.

Coconut Spring

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