Three ways to Save on Future Tea Purchases

Because it is our desire to reach out beyond our local customers, we strive to make the website easier to use and create special incentives so you too can reap the benefits, whether in-store or online.

Here are three ways to start receiving savings on your future purchases…
1. My Rewards
ย For every dollar you spend, you will receive 10 reward points…Every 1000 points redeemed earns you $5 off any future purchase, even sale items.
Every account is automatically set to receive points so you may want to check your account now to see how much you’ve earned! Your rewards will be tracked on your “My Account” page which can be viewed here
2. Silver or Gold Membership
As before, memberships can be purchased and applied to your account as store credit. Previously memberships offered a discount as the balance was used toward future purchases. Now, we give you an additional amount of store credit up-front so you don’t have to wait to receive the benefits of your membership. Learn more
3. Stay connected through our social sites

Did you know we create special offers and tea tips for our followers and fans on our various social sites? You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Yelp.
Do you have questions about our online site or want to sign up to receive information about our specials? Contact us here.

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