Twenty Teas to Try Iced

Although we are just on the beginning fringes of the warmer months (hooray!), iced tea is becoming a very popular choice. One question asked a lot is…”Well what tea tastes good iced?” Quite honestly, any tea tastes great iced. However, there do seem to be some popular and, maybe a little unique, flavors of iced tea possibilities…

Here are just a few as chosen by our team members and customers (through online and in-store reviews):

Ginger Lime Rooibos

Team members say: Tastes refreshing and clean, zero caffeine too!

Tom S.  says, “What a great tea. I stopped by today and got an iced cup to go. I will definitely be picking some up on my next visit. Clean and refreshing.”

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Golden Mango Oolong

Team members say: This tea is so amazing iced…love the mango.

Dawn says, “It’s robust flavor is complimented by the sweetness of the tropical flavors of pineapple, mango, and orange slices.”

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Crimson Rain

Team members say: This one has a nice light flavor…very fruity and nutty.

Diane D. says: “Lovely taste: a real treat to drink.”

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Blueberry Matcha

Team members say: This one is really strong and good. It will give you a lot of energy and antioxidants.

HP says, “This is a great way to introduce yourself to Matcha.  There are 2 things I love, Blueberries and Matcha.  When combined in this Tea House blend it is very sweet and great chilled.  It is like a green tea latte.”


Jasmine Berry

Team members say: Oh yes, this green tea is tart and fruity…perfect iced

Robin B. says, “I bought this for my granddaughters for their iced tea.  We all loved it sweetened with some honey.”

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Shanghai Sunset

Team members say: Love this tea because you can actually eat all the fruit inside. Nice flavor.

Karen E. says, “Beautiful fruit like a fine wine. Complex.”

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Gummy Bear

Team members say: This one is a really fun tea…everyone, especially kids, loves this tea

Jackie A says, “This Gummy Bear Tea is sweet and tart at the same time, delicious, refreshing, and fun to drink (for tea drinkers of all ages)!”

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Pink Cherry Cider

Team members say: So good. Really a great tea hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened.

Ashley says, “The fruitiness is fantastic, and it’s a wonderful mix of flavors. It was very pleasing. I bought some as a gift for my aunt, and she absolutely loves it.”

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Peach Oolong

Team members say: Will leave you feeling peachy keen!

Sydney says, “This is definitely one of the best teas the Green Teahouse has. I love how this has rooibos too, extra benefits!”

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Natural Serenity

Team members say: Smells and tastes amazing

Michael says, “What can I say that would add to the name of the tea. The smell reminds me of walking through a fruit garden where all of the fruits are perfectly ripe. Come to think of it, the taste does too.”

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White Ambrosia

Team members say: Love the fresh coconut, provides a very “milky” taste

Customers often say they love this tea for its coconut flavor and light taste

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White Tangerine Peach

Team members say: Such an amazing tea iced…the tangerine and peach blend to make something wonderful

Kate says, “I love this tea for how light and delicate it is. The white tea and the peach go so well together, and the tangerine just bring in this little note of citrus. It’s a very good tea that is a necessity for any fruit or white tea lovers!”

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Dragon Fruit

Team Members say: So light and fruity. Love this Green Tea Iced

Kate says, “This tea is wonderful as iced tea and doesn’t need sweeteners because of how naturally sweet it is!”

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Starfruit Green

Team members say: This is really great iced because of the pieces of dried Starfruit

Sydney says, “SO GOOD, everyone needs to try this!!”

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Strawberry Slim Pu-erh

Team members say: Really quite good and sweet enough without adding anything extra

Robin says, ” It has to be one of the best strawberry teas I have tried!  I love it both hot & iced!”

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Caramel Mint

Team members say: This white tea is unique, refreshing, and sweet.

Lauren H. says, “I love this blend for iced tea in the summer- very refreshing with the mint, with sweetness from the caramel, and rooibos to help my allergies!  Holds up well against over-steeping.”

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Mango Ginger Pu-erh

Team members say: If you like ginger tea, this is the tea for you!

R. Graham says, “This one is a winner. It has wonderful health benefits and taste great too. I like this one even better than the ginger pu-erh. That extra kick of the mango, WOW. You won’t be disappointed if you try this one. So go ahead and give it a try.”

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Sweet Citron

Team members say: This tea has quite the kick…very refreshing

Michael says, “This tea has become one of my favorites, which is good since my first choice was discontinued. This green tea has a delicate smooth flavor. It smells great. This is especially refreshing as a cold tea on a hot summer day.”

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Sweet Watermelon

Team members say: Really different, in a good way. A good summer tea!

Katrin says, “This has become one of my favorite teas! It does not get bitter and tastes great cold too.”

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Sweet Apple Chai

Team members say: Most people think of this hot but it’s a really unique chai…it tastes good cold and with milk in it.

Sheryl T. says, “I love chai and this is one of the best but totally different than any other one I tried.”

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