5 Easy Ways to Get the Best Cup of Green Tea

Green Tea has become a highly popular beverage over the past years. Whether hot or iced, flavored or basic, full leaf or ground, Green Tea is widely recognized for it’s light, grassy taste and widely recognized health value. However, Green Tea is a very delicate leaf and requires some care when steeping to avoid an astringent or bitter taste after steeping.

photo 3-8

Here are five ways to get the very best cup of Green Tea:

Put a few ice cubes in your cup

Because Green Tea leaves are not oxidized, a process performed on Oolong and Black Teas, they are very tender and sensitive to fully boiled water. To avoid burning the leaves place an ice cube or two in your cup before pouring the boiling water in.

Shorten Your Steeping Time

Green Tea tends to taste better with very short steeps, 1-2 minutes at maximum. If you have higher quality Green Tea leaves like Dragonwell, you may re-steep many times for longer and longer intervals to get all the flavor and nutrients out of the leaf.

Use Glassware instead of Plastic or Metal

PuriTea Infuser

Glass is preferable when steeping teas that have subtle flavors and undertones because it doesn’t absorb as many flavors as other materials. If you enjoy a large variety of tea and tea flavors you may want to invest in a high quality glass tea pot or kettle.

Clean all your steeping parts

Many popular tea infusers’ filters have tiny crevices and holes where used tea leaves can get lodged or stuck. If you drink a lot of tea, you may want to go through your tea-making arsenal every so often and, depending on the style, take apart the filter/ lid/ infuser. If you aren’t sure or worry about breaking an item look up the manufacturer and give them a call.

Make sure your cup is clean

This may sound like an obvious tip but simply pouring the last cup of tea out and then refilling with a different type of tea can obscure the flavor, especially if the cup is porcelain or ceramic. Even just a brief rinse with warm soapy water can greatly improve the final cup of tea.

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