DIY Cold Steeping


What’s summer without iced tea?

Making iced tea at home is easy!

Follow these simple steps & you can make a perfect pitcher of iced tea for your next BBQ, beach trip, or to keep in the fridge & enjoy throughout the week.

For this tutorial we used Pink Cherry Cider, a very fruity white tea.  If you follow this ratio you can make any amount of iced tea…

1 TBS Tea / 16 oz Water

what you need


(Yields 1 Gallon of Iced Tea)

  1. Add 8 TBS of tea to iced tea pitcher.*
  2. Fill pitcher with room temperature water.
  3. If you like your tea sweetened, add 1/3 cup of honey to 1 oz of hot water & stir until it is dissolved, then pour into pitcher.
  4. Store tea in fridge overnight.
  5. The next morning, strain out the tea leaves & you’ll have a perfect pitcher of iced tea ready to enjoy!
*You can use either a plastic or glass pitcher for iced tea. If using plastic, we recommend one that’s BPA free*

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