Dining in New Haven and a special offer for lunch

Have you been to our New Haven location yet?  In addition to world class teas, we also offer a menu of tea infused and Asian inspired dishes.  Below is a sample of what you might choose to eat when you dine with us there.  But first, we’d like to share our new offer for lunch time!  Monday through Thursday, you may choose from a tea of your choice and the Special of the Day, for the total cost of only $15!  This week, enjoy either Akiko San’s noodle or Matcha Soba noodles plus a pot of hot tea.

Below is just a peek of some menu items you can choose from and enjoy.

A pot of tea on a cold day will warm your body and soothe your soul.

We stopped in to the New Haven location for lunch on a bitterly cold afternoon, and quickly cozied up to some piping hot Honey Roast tea, brimming with strong nutty notes and just a hint of sweetness.

honey roast tea

Served with delightfully crunchy tea-infused shortbread cookies,

Pineapple Coconut Tea


coconut tea

Gorgeous on the eyes and the palate

For food, we selected Edamame Dumplings to share, Curry Shrimp Noodles, and Matcha Soba Noodles.  The dumplings had density in flavor and a nice, firm texture.

As a bonus,  the tea-infused dipping sauce with fresh ginger slices gave the dish a little “bite”. Tasty all around!

curried noodles

Nice to share

The Curried Noodles serving was  quite generous. Along with it’s tasty broth it could be considered a new comfort food, especially for a chilly day.

green tea noodles

Infused with plenty of tea of course!

The broth, with its sides of wasabi and herbs, allows  you to customize this dish to the heat level and intensity    The unique balance of tea and wasabi will entice your senses and pair perfectly with hot tea. 

You may view our full menu of food online here.

*Reservations are recommended for weekend visits

We looking forward to seeing you!


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