Pretty thoughtful little gifts for everyone on your list, from The Green Teahouse

The Holidays are a time to think of friends and family – and what better way to do so than with a thoughtful gift which will provide much needed tranquility and serenity during this busy time of year?  Below are some of our hand picked suggestions for everyone on your list:

A tin of premium tea.  A perfect stocking stuffer – a gorgeous tin of tea will allow your special someone to experience a premium blend of one of our finest teas.  Below are our favorites for your gift list:

peach blossoming tea

Peach Blossoming Tea – a bright and deliciously sweet tea with a truly marvelous visual appeal.

dragonwell first flush

Dragonwell First Flush: Our premium New Dragonwell, harvested in the early spring of 2014, comes directly from tea farms near Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province – the first and best producers of Long Jing. Known as Ming Qian or pre-Qingming Long Jing, this tea consists only of the most tender spring shoots, hand-picked before the Qingming festival. The delicate leaves yield a flavorful, full-bodied cup, fresh like a spring breeze and slightly nutty in flavor.

silver needle premium

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea: Premium, hand-picked Silver Needle tea leaves, delicately jasmine-infused for a light, airy infusion. This artisan hand-crfted white tea contains rich of anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. It preserves youthful skin and enhances complexion.

The perfect pairing present for any of the above teas is, of course, a travel mug.  As all of these teas are loose, they require a steeper in order to prepare.  The below mug contains a to-go steeper which will make it easy for your special someone to take their tea on the go to work, shopping, or anywhere else they would like!  A pretty and thoughtful present that they can use all year round:

green tea traveler mug

Which one will you choose?

Finally, we do suggest a gift card if you’d like to let your friends or family choose for themselves from any of our product line?  The eGift cards we offer can be sent either via email or to a recipient’s cell phone number – they are available at our West Hartford and New Haven locations, as well as online!

A truly joyful season to you and your loved ones from your friends at The Green Teahouse


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