Dragonwell First Flush – a Rare Premium Tea for Spring

Welcome to Dragonwell First Flush – a story of tea that goes back over 300 years, when it was first created for the Emperors.


Grown in the city of Hangzhou in the Zheijiang province of China, the “first flush” of this rare and high quality tea signifies the first leaves plucked in the early Spring season.  Much like wine country, the arid mountains mineral quality creates a “tea country” with a higher quality of flavor.  Harvested once a year, the most rare and high quality First Flush can sell for as much as $3000 a pound

This tea must be picked by hand before sunrise.  Each harvester can only bring in approximately one pound of tea per day.  Each delicate leaf has its own bud.
Flavor characteristics: sweet, chestnut, nutty, broth, light refreshing aroma.
Once picked, it is withered to remove water  from the leaf, then wok fried by hand in order to control the temperature, before being pressed into a flat, beautiful shape.
After the first fry, it is changed to another wok to stop fermentation and do a final toasting to ensure that the toasty chestnut flavor is perfectly realized.
The whole process is done within a day to ensure freshness… and requires a high level of technique and skill mastery.
We are proud to bring Dragonwell First Flush to the Green Teahouse.  A cup, freshly prepared, contains the highest amounts of antioxidants for cancer protection, as well as Vitamin C and protein.  We will offer the tea at $25 an ounce, which will make 25 fresh cups, or in $4 sampler packets.  Each cup may be re-steeped 2-3 times, and the leaves also make excellent fertilizer.  Please visit us soon to enjoy a Spring time delicacy and celebrate the warm months ahead with a superb cup of tea!

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