new tea tuesday: the green teahouse creme earl grey princess

Looking for a new tea to try? Check out “New Tea Tuesdays” by Paisley Rosie.

paisley rosie


My nickname as a child was Princess.

My Granny gave each of us kids a nickname.  My older brother is Sport, my sister is Muffin and my little brother is Bug.  I am Princess.

Watching every Disney movie imaginable as a kid I always thought the princess in the story was so beautiful and strong. Battling something that was often much bigger than her but finding the right people to ultimately help her get it done. Luckily for me, the movies always ended happily- which isn’t always true in real life. Anyways that is a story for another day!

When I found this Earl Grey at The Green Teahouse in West Hartford, I knew I wanted to try it out partially because it was an Earl, but mostly because it said Princess 😉 . The first thing I noticed about this organic black tea, was that the flowers added were…

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