Holiday Tea Cocktails

The time has come. There’s a nip in the air. The festivities have commenced. That means it’s time for an extra helping of holiday cheer in our cups. These holiday tea cocktails are sure to be a treat to beat the winter cold.

Hot Toddy

It all starts with the classic Hot Toddy. Hot toddies are the go-to for many because they are simple to prepare with no-fuss ingredients.

Begin with an Apple Cider Hot Toddy made with Pink Cherry Cider. Our Pink Cherry Cider has no added sugars, so don’t forget to sweeten to taste!

Need a booze-free version? We’ve got that too! This Hot Not Toddy can be easily made with any tea you like, but a good place to start is our Cinnamon Apple Pie.

For more Hot Toddy inspiration, try these recipes from The Kitchn.


Chai is a great base for warm cocktails because they add rich flavors and aromas. They also go well with milk, which mean they create a smoother texture.

You could do a Boozy Pumpkin Chai Latte that calls for a basic Masala Chai and pumpkin puree. Make an easier version with our Pumpkin Spice Tea – combination of chai with pumpkin spices. Or get creative. Remove the pumpkin puree and experiment use our other chai flavors, including our Caramel Cider Chai.

Other chai recipes to explore include:

Hot Buttered Chai made with Vanilla Cream Chai

If you’d like to learn more about chai and our chai flavors, check out our article

All About Chai: The Herbal Delight That Warms You Up


Hosting a dinner or group in your home? Punches are seeing a revival. This traditional English Christmas Punch recipe can be modified with our Tangerine Ginger. This tea will add some ginger and licorice spice, extra citrus notes, and hibiscus for a deeper red color with the red wine.

sip smart

Whatever winter brew you choose, The Green Teahouse hopes you enjoy these in warmth, safety, and in good company. Happy Holidays.


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