Holiday Detox

The food has been great. The drinks have been wonderful. The company has been uplifting. All these fantastic things can help you forget the abundant stress that goes into making each and every holiday a treat for everyone. Now, you have tons of leftovers. That’s good; no cooking for a night or a week. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of heavy food, New Year is right around the corner, and your doctor is giving you those little nudges about healthy eating and exercise.

Of course, nothing can replace a plate full of vegetables and twenty minutes of exercise a day, but there’s no harm in incorporating a little something extra in-between meals to give yourself a boost toward summertime goals. All the better if that little boost in 100% natural and delicious.

Have you ever heard about Pu-erh tea? It’s unique in that it’s a fermented tea, making it a dark, earthy brew. The health benefits are just what’s needed after a season of feasting, too. Without getting too technical, this potentially detoxifying tea is abundant in fat fighting goodness. It may help in lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and at the same time may raise HDL levels (that’s the good one.) If that wasn’t good enough, the fermentation process makes Pu-erh a toxin-fighting superhero that may help reduce impurities in the blood.


I bet you want to hear the best part. Pu-erh tea may help suppress fatty acid synthesis. That means it could help keep fat from building up in the body! And, we have quite the collection to choose from here at The Green Teahouse. Strawberry Slim is one of our most popular Pu-erh flavors, giving the dark earthy notes a fruity lift. Come in to have a cup, or buy a bag to help you digest between meals.

Good luck, and have a happy New Year.


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