Dee’s One Smart Cookie

The holidays are over, but there’s still room to treat yourself to something delicious and nutritious. Luckily, The Green Teahouse has you covered. We’ve always had the tea part down, but now we are proud to offer an assortment of baked treats from Dee’s One Smart Cookie in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Everything is gluten, dairy, and allergen free, making them healthy and remarkably delicious.

However, pairing it with that perfect cup of tea can be challenging. So, we’re offering a few selections to make it easier.

Peach Medley: A fruit blend that’s taken off since our re-opening and rapidly becoming a customer favorite. It’s a vitamin filled, mouthwatering delight. Try a cup with Dee’s very berry fruit bar, a decadent triple berry treat surrounded by soft oats and protein-packed sunflower seeds. The combo leaves a pleasant and lingering fruity taste. For a caffeine


Dee’s Blueberry Muffin

boost, try it with our Pineapple Coconut black tea.


Red Jade:  This is a treat on its own for black tea lovers, giving a fruity aroma and leaving a natural caramel taste on the tongue. Try a cup with Dee’s blueberry muffin. The fluffy pastry and crisp blueberries have a mellow sweetness that will compliment Red Jade’s complexity without overpowering it.

Emperor’s Pu-erh: Some would argue that there’s no better way to shed a few winter pounds, then with a strong, hot cup of Pu-erh tea. Our Emperor’s pu-erh has a touch of cinnamon that may help regulate blood sugar levels while freshening breath. What more could you ask for? Try a cup with one of Dee’s gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and reward yourself for all those steps you tracked today.


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