Gluten Free Tea

In recent years, troubles with gluten have become a very real concern and a very real source of pain for hundreds. For those who don’t know, gluten is a protein found in various wheat products, spelt and rye included. In some cases, the smallest amount can cause those with intolerance a great deal of discomfort.  Since the unveiling of the autoimmune disease known as Celiac, studies have been conducted to show that consuming too much wheat isn’t only unwise for those afflicted by this disease, but for others as well.

Gluten is addictive. Not only for that doughy texture, but because it’s easily broken down as sugar in the body which gives us a boost of energy. The thing is, sugar doesn’t last longgreentea12 as far as energy goes. Gluten may also be linked to leaky gut, depressed moods, insomnia, fatigue, and bloating.

Some with gluten intolerance may have noticed a certain amount of irritation after sipping a cup of their favorite bag tea. Fear not. This is due the glue they use to bind the tea bags and not the tea itself; One more reason to change over to loose tea.

At The Green Teahouse, most of our teas are gluten-free and every leafe is handled and processed with care from the time they are plucked until they reach us at our new location. This is especially true when it comes to our premium teas such as our signature Snow Jasmine and the flavorful and exotic Red Jade black tea. Come in to try a cup. While you’re at it, delight in one of our gluten-free treats from Dee’s One Smart Cookie or shop online at


Stay healthy, and drink lots of tea.


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