8 Reasons to Drink White Tea

There’s so much to love about White Tea…its delicate flavor, and smooth pure taste. White Tea is the least processed of all teas, it’s simply picked & dried, giving it the highest level of antioxidants compared to other processed teas.

Whether you enjoy a hot cup of aromatic Jasmine Silver Needle or a fruity & refreshing iced cup of Pink Cherry Cider, your body will thank you.

white tip silver needle tea

So why should you drink white tea? What makes it different from other teas? Read on to learn more!


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new tea tuesday: the green teahouse creme earl grey princess

Looking for a new tea to try? Check out “New Tea Tuesdays” by Paisley Rosie.

paisley rosie


My nickname as a child was Princess.

My Granny gave each of us kids a nickname.  My older brother is Sport, my sister is Muffin and my little brother is Bug.  I am Princess.

Watching every Disney movie imaginable as a kid I always thought the princess in the story was so beautiful and strong. Battling something that was often much bigger than her but finding the right people to ultimately help her get it done. Luckily for me, the movies always ended happily- which isn’t always true in real life. Anyways that is a story for another day!

When I found this Earl Grey at The Green Teahouse in West Hartford, I knew I wanted to try it out partially because it was an Earl, but mostly because it said Princess 😉 . The first thing I noticed about this organic black tea, was that the flowers added were…

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Year of The Rooster Celebration

We had a wonderful time kicking off The New Year with everyone this past Sunday at our Year of The Rooster Celebration. Thank you for sharing this special holiday with us!


This year’s party a blast! Guests enjoyed free activities like

face-painting from, Tainted INC.

A moment to relax with massages & a Tai Qi demonstration from Aaron Weston, founder of Sacred Rhythm Healing


Personalized free caligraphy from Mr. Pan Yong


The night ended with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, by The Green Teahouse owner Ting. She shared her love of tea, culture & wisdom. It was a perfect way to end the celebration!


Thank you for attending everyone. Wishing you all a healthy, happy & prosperous New Year!

Your Friends at The Green Teahouse


The Chinese New Year is celebrated over the course of fifteen days. On New Year’s Eve families join together for a reunion dinner. They stay up all night playing games, & enjoying one another’s company. Each day has a special tradition! For example, on the first day of the new year families visit with older relatives such as grandparents & great-grandparents. You can read more about the daily traditions here.


  • Born in 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, or 2005? Then you’re a rooster!
  • According to Chinese Zodiac, Roosters are courageous, hardworking, confident, honest, loyal & observant.
  • Lucky colors are yellow, brown & gold.
  • Lucky numbers are 5, 7 & 8.


Fall For Rooibos

Iced tea season has come to an end, but that means it’s time to cozy up with hot tea. Our Fall Rooibos Collection has all of your favorite flavors of the season, pumpkin, chai, cinnamon, spice, clove & pecan to name a few!

Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free. We designed our fall teas so they can easily be blended with black, green or oolong tea if you’re looking for caffeine!

Rooibos is a perfect tea to drink this season. During the fall our immune systems weaken, our bodies endure more stress and many of us suffer from allergies.  That’s where rooibos can help!


  1. Provides Allergy Relief
  2. Boosts Immune System
  3. Antioxidant Rich
  4. Promotes Relaxation & Soothes Insomnia
  5. Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium Rich
  6. Relieves Stress & Nervous Tension
  7. Eases Indigestion & Stomach Cramps















Celebrating 7 Years of Success!

This August The Green Teahouse is celebrating its 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! The teahouse first opened on August 15th, 2009,  in Blue Back Square. It quickly became a local favorite in the West Hartford Community!

photo 5

Store Front


The Green Teahouse was inspired by a family’s passion for unique & premium teas. While growing up in China, Ting and her brothers Wei & Lin learned the tradition & culture of loose-leaf tea. They became inspired to share their love & passion for tea with others!

In 2009, The Green Teahouse was established with hopes of sharing not only authentic premium teas, but their heritage, knowledge, and health benefits of tea as well.


The family’s original teahouse isphoto 4
located in the Chengdu Sichuan province of China. To the right is Wei, Ting & Lin pictured in front!

The Green Teahouse could not exist without the hard work and perseverance of The Lou Family.

Today the fruits of their labor can be enjoyed in America and throughout the world; proudly offering only the finest teas worthy of bearing The Green Teahouse name.

Since opening The Green Teahouse has one various awards such as:

Best of Hartford Magazine 2016

Best of Connecticut Magazine 2015 & 2014

“Best Place to Buy Loose Tea” Best of Hartford 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011

Best of Hartford 2013: Best Teahouse

Meet Ting

Ting, performing a traditional Chinese ceremony

The Green Teahouse would like to thank Blue Back Square, The West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and most importantly our wonderful customers. We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and kindness!