Gluten Free Tea

In recent years, troubles with gluten have become a very real concern and a very real source of pain for hundreds. For those who don’t know, gluten is a protein found in various wheat products, spelt and rye included. In some cases, the smallest amount can cause those with intolerance a great deal of discomfort.  Since the unveiling of the autoimmune disease known as Celiac, studies have been conducted to show that consuming too much wheat isn’t only unwise for those afflicted by this disease, but for others as well.

Gluten is addictive. Not only for that doughy texture, but because it’s easily broken down as sugar in the body which gives us a boost of energy. The thing is, sugar doesn’t last longgreentea12 as far as energy goes. Gluten may also be linked to leaky gut, depressed moods, insomnia, fatigue, and bloating.

Some with gluten intolerance may have noticed a certain amount of irritation after sipping a cup of their favorite bag tea. Fear not. This is due the glue they use to bind the tea bags and not the tea itself; One more reason to change over to loose tea.

At The Green Teahouse, most of our teas are gluten-free and every leafe is handled and processed with care from the time they are plucked until they reach us at our new location. This is especially true when it comes to our premium teas such as our signature Snow Jasmine and the flavorful and exotic Red Jade black tea. Come in to try a cup. While you’re at it, delight in one of our gluten-free treats from Dee’s One Smart Cookie or shop online at


Stay healthy, and drink lots of tea.


Keemun The Black Tea Celebrity

Despite black tea’s worldwide popularity, very little is known about it among the general public. It’s the tea we have in the afternoon with our lunches. It’s the tea we sweeten and ice during the sticky hot summer days of the east coast.

Most, when they think of black tea, think English breakfast the same way most, when thinking of tea in China, think green tea. Not only was Keemun first cultivated in China around 1875 by Yu Ganchen who traveled to Fujian Province in pursuit of educating himself in black tea production and since has been deemed one of China’s top ten teas. Good-Tea_Li-Zhi-Hong-Cha_56B9096_b-800x800It’s also considered a “tea hero” in the British market. That English breakfast you love so much? Keemun in the primary tea in the popular blend.

For some people, the astringency of English breakfast (likely caused by the nutty dark Assam tea) can be too much. What makes Keemun a great alternative is a mellow but complex flavor that still has a little of the bite a lot of die-hard black tea drinkers look for.

The caffeine is sometimes exactly what’s needed half way through the day. It might help boost alertness. It’s worth noting that there’s more to black tea then caffeine. Part of the reason the English drink it at noon is the studies indicating black tea may help in balancing hormone levels. This might just result in a better sleep and an elevated mood.

Our Keemun is traditionally cultivated in the Anhui province. Stop by for a nice hot cup (and maybe one of Dee’s gluten-free chocolate cupcakes,) or buy a bag to delight in a tea renowned in both China and England.

Amazing Green Tea Benefits

Throughout the years, green tea has been used to relieve headaches, aid in digestion, and boost alertness. Since then, the benefits have become widely known. Where it was once the drink of Emperors and Kings, now you’d be hard-pressed to find a weight loss supplement without some kind of tea extract on the ingredient label.

It’s been well known for a while that green tea has a bounty of antioxidants to help the body fend off free radicals and thus a variety of diseases. The one getting the most attention from health experts and nutrition-conscious folk alike, is a little something called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for short.)

One of the more exciting things, and something that may give a little insight into the whole, green tea may help prevent some forms of cancer, is that EGCG specializes in interfering with oxidization. That means it may reduce oxidative damage in cells. In case you didn’t know, cell oxidation is a potential contributor to many illnesses, including some forms of cancer. Some even suggest that this antioxidant may protect newly developed neurons in the brain, enhance memory function.

It’s worth noting that the caffeine in tea is a bit gentler then what you get in coffee. Coffee has a tendency to lift you high and crash you hard. Counter that, the caffeine in tea gives more of an alert feeling that can help in focusing during those arduous finals and 1

Other studies suggest that green tea may help break down fat into our bloodstream to be better used as energy during workouts. Next time you reach for that pre-workout drink, you might want to consider something a bit more natural. Something that may aid in multiple functions while trimming away all the winter pounds.

The Green Teahouse has a variety of green tea to choose from, including matcha, which is everything that green tea is multiplied. It’s also a great way to get some of that EGCG without drinking the tea since it’s easy to toss into some baked goods and smoothies.

One of our customer favorites is the Matcha smoothie. All you need is one banana, 1/4 a tsp of matcha whisked into 4oz of hot water with desired sweetness and a full cup of ice. (Ideally a 16oz cup.) Throw it all into a blender and flip the switch.

Green tea has come a long way from its birth home in China, and we still have a lot to uncover about this ancient beverage. As always, consult your doctor, eat well, and exercise daily.

Dee’s One Smart Cookie

The holidays are over, but there’s still room to treat yourself to something delicious and nutritious. Luckily, The Green Teahouse has you covered. We’ve always had the tea part down, but now we are proud to offer an assortment of baked treats from Dee’s One Smart Cookie in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Everything is gluten, dairy, and allergen free, making them healthy and remarkably delicious.

However, pairing it with that perfect cup of tea can be challenging. So, we’re offering a few selections to make it easier.

Peach Medley: A fruit blend that’s taken off since our re-opening and rapidly becoming a customer favorite. It’s a vitamin filled, mouthwatering delight. Try a cup with Dee’s very berry fruit bar, a decadent triple berry treat surrounded by soft oats and protein-packed sunflower seeds. The combo leaves a pleasant and lingering fruity taste. For a caffeine


Dee’s Blueberry Muffin

boost, try it with our Pineapple Coconut black tea.


Red Jade:  This is a treat on its own for black tea lovers, giving a fruity aroma and leaving a natural caramel taste on the tongue. Try a cup with Dee’s blueberry muffin. The fluffy pastry and crisp blueberries have a mellow sweetness that will compliment Red Jade’s complexity without overpowering it.

Emperor’s Pu-erh: Some would argue that there’s no better way to shed a few winter pounds, then with a strong, hot cup of Pu-erh tea. Our Emperor’s pu-erh has a touch of cinnamon that may help regulate blood sugar levels while freshening breath. What more could you ask for? Try a cup with one of Dee’s gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and reward yourself for all those steps you tracked today.

Holiday Detox

The food has been great. The drinks have been wonderful. The company has been uplifting. All these fantastic things can help you forget the abundant stress that goes into making each and every holiday a treat for everyone. Now, you have tons of leftovers. That’s good; no cooking for a night or a week. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of heavy food, New Year is right around the corner, and your doctor is giving you those little nudges about healthy eating and exercise.

Of course, nothing can replace a plate full of vegetables and twenty minutes of exercise a day, but there’s no harm in incorporating a little something extra in-between meals to give yourself a boost toward summertime goals. All the better if that little boost in 100% natural and delicious.

Have you ever heard about Pu-erh tea? It’s unique in that it’s a fermented tea, making it a dark, earthy brew. The health benefits are just what’s needed after a season of feasting, too. Without getting too technical, this potentially detoxifying tea is abundant in fat fighting goodness. It may help in lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and at the same time may raise HDL levels (that’s the good one.) If that wasn’t good enough, the fermentation process makes Pu-erh a toxin-fighting superhero that may help reduce impurities in the blood.


I bet you want to hear the best part. Pu-erh tea may help suppress fatty acid synthesis. That means it could help keep fat from building up in the body! And, we have quite the collection to choose from here at The Green Teahouse. Strawberry Slim is one of our most popular Pu-erh flavors, giving the dark earthy notes a fruity lift. Come in to have a cup, or buy a bag to help you digest between meals.

Good luck, and have a happy New Year.